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Searching For The Perfect Venue

By on 12-Nov-14 14:06

When it comes to planning your wedding - one of the trickest and most important decisions you will make is the "WHERE"! 


Deciding on the perfect spot to say "I Do" can be tricky - there are SO many questions to ask - and in this BEAUTIFUL province - so many incredible options to choose from! (For a good starting point - check out our Venue Directory.)


To make things a little easier - we've put together a list of questions that you can ask each venue - to help you make the decision and make sure that they meet YOUR needs.



Event Management

  • Do they have a dedicated Event/Wedding Planner/Manager?
  • How often will you/can you meet with them? 
  • Will they be there on the day?


Venue Capacity

  • How big is the room? 
  • Can you fit in everyone you want to invite - or is the room much bigger than you require? (A half-empty room can be just as bad as an overcrowded room and can have a serious impact on the overall atmosphere of your wedding.)


Pricing Structure

  • Package costs or price per head?
  • Whats included - what isn't included? Bar/Waiting Staff, Linens, Food/Drinks etc?
  • Is there a minimum spend?


Ceremony/Reception Options

  • Are there options for both the ceremony and the reception? Will they be in the same space? If so - where can you and your guests go while the set-up is changed?
  • If you are having an outdoor ceremony - is there a wet weather back-option available. 



  • Is there onsite accomodation? 
  • Is ANY accomodation included in the cost?
  • Are there special rates for Bridal Party staying the night before/of the wedding. 
  • Are there special rates for Wedding Guests?


Catering/Bar Services

  • Is there an on-site caterer? Is there a serviced bar? If not - do they have preferred vendors? Can they source/arrange this?
  • Are there sample menus you can view? Do they have tasting options?
  • What are the food/drink package options?
  • Do they offer BYO options? If so - is there a corkage fee?
  • Do they have a full compliment of tablewear/glasswear? If not - do they have a preferred supplier? Can they source/arrange this? Is there an additional cost?



  • Does the room have natural lighting? Is the lighing sufficent? Do they they have additional lighting (is there an additional cost)? Do they have preferred supplier? Can they source/arrange this? (NOTE - lighting will be of specific interest to your photographer - you may want to discuss this with them also). 
  • Does the venue have a sound system installed? Is there a cost to use this? If not - do they have a preferred supplier? (This may not be an issue if you are hiring a band/DJ - you might want to discuss this with them.)
  • Do they have a dancefloor? If not - do they have a preferred supplier? Can they/source arrange this?
  • Do they have adequate furnishing for your needs? Do you need to hire special chairs for an outdoor ceremony? Do they have a full compliment of linens - table cloths, napkins, chair covers etc? Is there an additional cost for using these? Do they have a preferred supplier for additional items? Can they source/arrange these? 


Venue Access/Facilities

  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible? 
  • Is the road access suitable for a limo/bus (if you're planning to use one)?
  • Are there plenty of bathroom amenities etc. (including disabled toilets)?
  • Is there sufficent parking?


Venue Exclusivity

  • Will you have exclusive use of the venue?
  • Will the restaurant/bar be open to the public? Willl there be other weddings on at the same time? If so - how do the staff plan to ensure your event remains private?


Set Up/Decoration/Clean Up

  • Do they offer venue set up? Is there an additional cost for this? If not - what time can you access the venue to set up?
  • Are there restrictions on what you can do? ie. attaching things to the walls/ceilings? 
  • Do they have any table decorations/candelabra/table no. holders etc? Do they have a cake stand/cake knife? If not - do they have a preferred supplier? Is there an additional cost? Can they source/arrange this?
  • Do they clean up afterwards? Is there an additional for cost this? If not - what time must you have this done by?



  • Do they allow children? Is there a restriction on the amount?
  • Do they have any restrictions around using candles?
  • Are you allowed to use confetti? Does this need to be natural/bio-degradable?


Our final suggestion when booking your venue - make sure you get a signed/written agreement of everything you have discussed - including costs, payments, additional items and any other rules/regulations you must comply with. This protects both you and the venue and will give you peace of mind.


Good Luck with chosing the PERFECT wedding Venue for your day!