Bride Guide

Making the Most of the Bridal Fayre

By Louise Campbell on 08-Oct-15 14:20

The 2015 Taranaki Weddings Bridal Fayre is almost here - we're so excited we can barely speak! 

We thought we'd put together a little list of ideas to help you make the most of the event, get the most amount of information and make it as fun as it can possibly be! 

  • The first thing you need to know about the Bridal Fayre is - the first 2 hours of the day are the busiest! If you're not a fan of crowds or are bringing small children - try coming later in the day when there will be less people and you'll have more space. All of the vendors will be there for the full day and the doors don't close till 3.30pm! 
  • Bring along a good sized handbag or an extra carry bag (or buy a VIP Ticket and you'll get a goodie bag for free) - you'll end up with armfulls of brochures, vouchers, samples and maybe even a few little purchases too - and it's makes it heaps easier if you have somewhere to put them!
  • Wear comfortable shoes - this years venue is HUGE and there will be lots more stalls and lots more spaces to walk around - so make sure you've got your walking shoes on! Don't worry if you get tired though - the kiosk will be open so you can recharge! 
  • Have a tentative wedding date (at least) - vendors WILL ask! And you'll want to know their availabilty too! 
  • Maybe think about bringing pre-printed labels with your contact details and wedding date. Lots of the vendors will have competitions or mailing lists that you might what to sign up for - and writing out your contact details over and over again can be time consuming and tiresome - having pre-printed labels makes things MUCH EASIER! 
  • Bring your diary/calender - then you can book in for consultations/appointments on the spot! Some vendors even offer special rates if you book them right away! 
  • TEST EVERYTHING! Jump in the photobooths, taste the cake samples, try on jewellery, look through photo albums - try, test and check out everything - when else will you have the opportunity to do so much in one day?
  • Chose your Bridal Fayre buddies carefully - bring along patient friends and family members who don't mind crowds or waiting (they get to try the cake too - that helps) - and maybe think about leaving the Mr at home (or let him go play footie in the park with his mates) - he'll probably get bored of wedding dresses and pretty jewellery pretty quickly (but if you do bring him and he gets fed up - take him to the cake stalls!)
  • Make a list of everything you're looking for and bring it with you - then head straight for the vendors you need to see first! 
  • ASK for promotional prices and special offers! Lots of the vendors will have Bridal Fayre special offers - and if you're prepared to book on the spot - you could make some awesome savings!
  • Most importably - don't be afraid to say "No. Thank You"- we know that you don't always need or want to speak to every single business and we won't be offended!