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Launching Venus

By on 01-Oct-14 15:45

This past weekend I was invited to join the Girls at Churchwood Bridal as they launched the amazing new line of gowns from Venus Bridal. 


Viewing of the dresses was by appointment only - and Churchwood were all booked up with girls anxious to see what they had to offer.....and the options were ENDLESS! 



It was quite a pleasure to be involved in this event - and getting to watch Shirley and Kelly at work. They have this nack of knowing what a girl wants, what she needs and what will suit her best! They seem to know a Brides Dream Dress better than she does and it was incredible to watch! 


On arrival - Kelly or Shirley would have a brief discussion with the Bride-to-be. Asking them what they like and dislike, what styles they have in mind - and one thing they encourage is to be open to all possibilties! 



Once they have an idea of the style of dress that the Bride-to-be wants, or what will suit her - it's off to the Fitting Area and time for the fun to begin. I watched as Brides-to-be would emerge from the fitting area glowing with excitement - I love seeing the smiles on their faces as they found THE dress. Shirley told me earlier in the day that it was easy to tell when a girl was comfortable in one of their dresses, they'd start to interact with the dress - turning, smoothing, playing and enjoying the dress. Thats how you know they've found the right one. 


I'd watch as girls came out the changing room and just as Shirley said - you could tell almost immediately if they loved it or not. When they didn't - they'd go straight back in ready for the next one - but when they loved it - BOY could you tell! 


Even more delightful was the expression on their mothers, their sisters and their friends faces - what a joy to witness! 


Anyway - back to the incredible range of Gowns that Chruchwood Bridal has to offer! 





One of the things that amazed me was the incredible versatility of each of their gowns. Love the look of that strapless gown but want the delicately beaded straps of another? Not a problem - straps can be added. Love that backless dress but have a tattoo you'd like to cover up for the ceremony? How about adding a beautiful little lace over jacket. Lusting after the beautiful duchess satin fishtail gown but just looking for something with a teeny tiny bit more bling or a touch of colour? Add on a beautiful satin bejewelled belt - and the list just keeps on going. Kelly and Shirley know what it takes to take each dress from one that you like to one that you LOVE! 





And - just to makes things even better - Churchwood stock a full range of accessories to compliment your dream dress - shoes, jewellery, veils, hair pieces AND Bridesmaid dresses too!







And just to make the whole experince even more fun - each of the Brides got to take home a delicions little sample cake from Take the Cake as well! 



All in all - it was a fun weekend to be a part of! And seeing all those beautiful Brides-to-be in those stunning dresses - I kinda want to get married again!