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In Focus - Sandra Henderson

By Louise Campbell on 06-Sep-11 10:42

I first met Sandra back in May before Taranaki Weddings launched. We had a relaxed cup of tea and chat while looking over her portfolio of weddings during her time in Auckland. Sandra has a natural ability to make you feel like you’ve known her for years, which saw us talking about lots of things other than photography!


So who is Sandra Henderson?


Born and bred in the Bay of Plenty, Sandra moved to Hamilton at 18 to study Environmental Science, Physiology and Photography at University. During her years at Uni she did some part-time modeling work to pay the bills, but mostly because she found the industry exciting.


After graduating, the urge to travel saw her move to Australia and she lived between the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney for a while until she decided to move on to travel Asia, Europe and South Africa where she picked up fashion and commercial modeling jobs.


In 2005 Sandra came home to New Zealand for a holiday where she met her future husband in a Hamilton bar. Originally from Taranaki but living in Sydney at the time, Russell was also on holiday and out with a bunch of friends. Both hit it off immediately and spent the rest of their holiday together. This instant love story fast-tracked their decision to travel together and so the couple moved to London where Sandra continued her modeling career - working between the UK, Spain, Germany and Holland.


After a couple of years, things were getting serious and the couple decided to settle down. They moved home to New Zealand and lived in the Coromandel for the summer before moving to Auckland - marrying in the Waitakere's Bridgewater Estate in February 2007.


It was during this time that Sandra decided that she couldn’t rely on modeling forever and began to use her photography skills. She worked with a prominent wedding photographer where she learnt the new art of digital photography and computer software. She worked alongside the photographer for a year and also gained her own clients on the side along the way. Assisting top level commercial and fashion photographers also helped develop her skills. When it was time, she branched out on her own and Sandra Henderson Photography evolved. 



Sandra is no stranger to weddings. She has been on the cover of bridal magazines throughout New Zealand and Australia during her modeling days and experienced many different locations such as the Cook Islands and Asia. Her favourite photo shoots though, were right here at home with many hidden and exclusive spots that only the wealthiest people can reach.


Being dressed in some amazing wedding dresses for these photo shoots, Sandra gained a lot of inspiration for her own photography work and moulds her skills, together with visualisation and personality into amazing bridal shots.


After five years in Auckland, Sandra and her husband moved to Taranaki a year ago where her family members had already made the sea change. She bases Sandra Henderson Photography here and maintains her modeling work with her agency in Auckland.


Their decision to leave the hustle and bustle of city life was not a hard one to make as she explains “life is easier here. No traffic jams, no stress and the people here are friendlier and more real”.


I’d expect that like me, Sandra also enjoys living near family again after many years abroad!