Dwayne and Lisa - February 2012

Dwayne & Lisa

By Louise Campbell on 15-Feb-12 21:14

Dwayne and Lisa met at work in June 2002 when Lisa moved from New Plymouth to Gisborne to work for 89FM radio. They became friends and after a few short months, and perhaps hearing a few love songs later, became soulmates and have been together ever since.

The couple got engaged in July 2008, when their daughter Ella turned one and Lisa was pregnant with their second child Kahli. They started planning their Gisborne wedding for October 2010, but circumstances saw the family move back to New Plymouth which naturally set their plans back a year or so. Lisa and Dwayne set the new date for 4 February 2012 and planning began again.

The second time around wasn't so hard, as both knew what they wanted from the start, but there was one thing they couldn't plan - and that was the weather.

The week leading up to the wedding left the couple wrecked with nerves due to the rain that dominated the region. They were worried that all the planning for an outdoor ceremony in their backyard would be washed away. Lisa was optimistic "The weather forecast was telling us there was sun on the way so we didn't action our wet weather plan".

But each day came with more drizzle and hopes were beginning to dash. "At 11am on the day of the wedding I had a little bit of a break down and kept having images of our guests sitting in the rain. I rang Dwayne in a state and he assured me that what will be will be and if anyone complained he would throw them over the fence! He has a good sense of humour and immediately calmed my nerves".

Lisa and her two bridesmaids got ready at a Colliers Apartment in town, and with her nerves calmed by her soon to be husband, her two girls and Mum arrived just in time for the hairdresser and make-up artist to work their magic.

Like a flash, it was time to leave and as the girls walked from the apartment and out onto the street, Lisa realised it was no longer raining. She saw her wedding car with the white ribbon and everything she and Dwayne had planned for the last five years was coming to life. "I welled up a little bit. After planning so long for this wedding, it was finally time to go and get married" she says.

The bridal party arrived well before time and there waiting for her outside was her Dad, ready for the biggest job of all. "He helped me to get out of the car and we started the walk up 'wedding lane'".

Dwayne decorated for the ceremony and wrote on the brick walls of the house "It's you that I love" and "You fill my heart with gladness" with white chalk. The music started and the flower girls started their walk down the aisle. Once the bride started walking, she noticed a timeline along the fence that Dwayne had typed up of their life together for her to read as she walked.

In front of 65 family and friends, the couple were married and like a sign from above, the weather was picture perfect. "We thank Dwayne’s mother for this as she passed away almost six months ago. It's nice to think that she played a part in our wedding. I know it was a highly emotional day for Dwayne and the rest of us, after losing such a treasured person in our lives".

After the congratulations and hugs from happy guests, the bridal party took off for their photo session at Pukekura Park and then onto the beach by Lake Rotomanu. Lisa recalls "the photos were a lot of fun and time went so quick, before we knew it we were heading back to the TSB Showplace where we were being introduced as Mr and Mrs Wilton!"

The reception was held in the Alexandra Room and was decorated with draping and fairy lights by the venue, with table settings completed by the bride and her maids, "it looked amazing"! Lisa says. You could tell the groom had an influence as well with the V8 car seating plan! To start the formalities, the husband and wife team went straight to the cake table and cut the cake ready for dessert. Dwayne's Grandma lovingly made the three layered fruit, banana and carrot cake to suit all tastes. "It was decorated with flowers to match our theme and also had flowers from Dwayne's Mum's wedding cake on it."

Wedding guests feasted on a buffet of hot carvery meats and salads and enjoyed the short but sweet speeches from the Bestman, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, bridesmaids and then Dwayne who finished the speeches by inviting his beautiful bride to the floor for their first dance. They danced like teenagers in love to Rod Stewarts 'Have I told you lately' and when the song ended, they invited everyone up to party. "As soon as the formalities were over we all danced and partied into the small hours with our friends and family. It was such an amazing day and everything we wanted it to be".

After sore feet prevented anymore dancing, the happy couple said their farewells and walked through town to the apartment down the road. They were pleasantly surprised to be congratulated by late night revellers as they went.

Asked what their favourite moments were, Lisa says "I would say walking down the aisle and seeing all the people we care about being with us to celebrate our marriage. Reading ours vow’s to each other was also very special." Dwayne adds; "Seeing Lisa walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. First time I had seen the dress. And having all our family and friends here for a few days to share in the moment and help us celebrate!"



Photographer: Coby Slager and Brittney Cresswell. Venue: Couples backyard and TSB Showplace. Wedding Attire: CC Wards and Light in the Box. Flower girl dresses, Trademe. Mens suits, Kingsway Menswear.   Hair: Mode.  Make-up: Kim Jordan.  Flower Bouquets: WOW Florist.  Transport: Friends classic car. Music: ipod playlist. Cake: Grooms Grandma.  Accommodation: Colliers Apartments.