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Dobsons - It's A Wonderland!

By on 28-Nov-13 10:52

Walking into Dobsons Marquee and Party Hire, it really feels like walking into a magical Wonderland, much like Alice did.  There are flowers, sparkles, sashes, colours, all-around-wedding/event-prettiness.  An event planner’s heaven!



Jenny Dobson very kindly let me wander and take pictures to my heart’s content.  I must apologise for the photos, Dobson’s showroom is so light and airy and it’s difficult to do justice to the beautiful settings.  Best you be heading out there and check it out for yourself!


A gorgeous vintage bridal table covered in whimsical peonies.  Romantic chic!



Did you know that Dobsons has been around since 1959?  AND did you know that Jenny has over 20+ years in the industry?  Do you know what that means?!  She’s just a fountain of knowledge.   Imagine how many weddings she has helped make happen!   Jenny has seen it all and even that’s an understatement!




It occurred to me that if you were a bride to be, just sitting and talking to Jenny would be invaluable.  I mean, you wouldn’t have to do any market research.  None.  Zilch!  Zero!   Just head along armed with your ideas.  Jenny and I chatted for the good part of an hour and I was blown away by her amazing industry expertise. 



Check out the icy-blue winter wedding theme.  Jenny and her team are master stylists, right down to the type of cutlery and the place settings.  The beauty truly is in the detail.  Everything thing is thought through and placed to perfection.



When you are a bride, it’s so easy to get caught up in the details very early on in the planning.  And when that happens, it’s so hard to see the big picture.  Jenny will help you figure out what it is you REALLY want, which can often be totally different from what you THINK you want.  And I can tell you from experience, when you are planning something as big as a wedding, having someone help you see “the wood from the trees” can be the most helpful thing ever. 



Pretty in pink!  I have seen a few super-cute pink weddings coming through this season.



This is something that Jenny whipped up for a Taranaki Rugby function recently.  If you have something in mind theme-wise, Dobsons definitely help you to make it happen.  Think bespoke!    



Super shiny catering equipment.  Even if you aren’t planning a marquee wedding, Dobsons really do  EVERYTHING you can think of.  And if you can’t find what you are looking for, Dobsons will have it or Jenny will know where to find it.  That might sound like a big call, but it’s honestly the truth!



ANNND they will even help you with the planning, right down to appropriate seating plans.  Then all you have to do is choose where Aunty Marge and Uncle Dave are sitting.



I was actually a bit sad to leave Dobsons.  I wish I could have sat and just downloaded Jenny’s brain into my laptop!  On my way out I spied this festive ol’ chap and couldn’t resist taking a photo of him. He’s a little bit cute!



I wish I had known Jenny when I was planning my wedding!  Thanks for having me Jenny!


Nat from TW xx