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DIY - Ribbon Backdrop

By Louise Campbell on 20-Jan-15 11:40

Does your venue need a little sprucing up to make it a little more romantic looking? Do you want something a little special behind your top table or looking for a cute backdrop for your photobooth? How about creating a Ribbon Backdrop! 

Before you start - think about how big an area you want to cover - the bigger the area - the more ribbon you're gonna need and the more ribbon you need - the greater the cost. If you're going down the DIY route because you LOVE crafting then no biggie - but if you're doing it to cut costs - this one isn't a big cost cutter! For example - we're making a 2 metre wide and 2 metre long backdrop here - it ended up costing us around $75 to create and took about 4 hours to put together! If you're trying to keep costs down - hiring one might be more cost effective - our awesome selection of hire services can help you out with that! 

Here's what you'll need:-

  • Ribbon (obviously) - we used 20 rolls of ribbon - each with 20 metres of ribbon on them - YUP - thats 400 metres of ribbon - this produced a 2 x 2 metre backdrop. We used different colours, textures and widths - you can keep it all the same or go to town with variety - you can even add in streamers of lace or sequins for some real variety! 
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A measuring tape 
  • A Stretch Wire Kit - the kind that is used to hang net curtains - can be purchased from your local Spotlight, Warehouse, Briscoes etc etc. We bought a 3 metre cord and trimmed it down - you can buy this in huge lengths if required.

The first thing you need to do is decide what length (from from top to floor) you want your ribbon backdrop to be. We opted for 2 metres!  Next up - measuring and cut the ribbon! BUT WAIT - before you start! If you want your Ribbon Backdrop to be 2 metres long - then you need to cut each lenth to 4 metres..... 

Now - time to start measuring and cutting....this may take some time.....

Ever wondered what 400 metres of ribbon looks like?

So you've got all your ribbon measured, cut and ready to go? GREAT! Get your stretch wire out and lets get on with it! 

Grab your first piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Lay it UNDER the stretch wire just below the fold.....

You see that little loop? Next grab the tails from your piece of ribbon and pass them through this loop....

And pull them tight....

And thats your first piece on.....only 99 more to go! 

Depending on your desired finish look you can either opt for randomly grabbing pieces of ribbon or being methodical. We were using three colours of ribbon - gold, pink and white - in three different widths and textures. We're being methodical about the colour (gold, pink, white, gold, pink, white - you get the idea) - but not about the whatever suits your style best! 

Keep going - adding lengths of ribbon. 

You might want to stick a good movie on while you do this - it's quite repetitive and time consuming - we love a good wedding movie when we're crafting! 

When you're done all you have to do is trim off the stretch wire (if you need to) and screw the hooks into the end! 

We'll have our GORGEOUS DIY Ribbon Backdrop on display at the upcoming Summer Showcase but for now - here's a (not entirely brilliant) picture of it hanging up in Taranaki Weddings HQ! 


We LOVE our Ribbon Backdrop and think that it might just HAVE to become a permanent feature in our office! Feel free to send us photos of your finished backdrop!